Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Portuguese Poem

Brazil, so far, is a lovely country, but I'm having far more problems with the language than with Spanish. First off it is not as phonetically straightforward and so I'm still unsure as to how to pronounce many words, and furthermore the language just sounds odd to me; very much like a Russian trying to speak Spanish. Then there are phrases that just make it difficult for me to concentrate, such as ta bom (meaning "it's OK") because it just makes me think of Paul McCartney's Frog Chorus (bom bom bom, parara; bom bom bom, parara...). It's just quite annoying that after spending a fair amount of time getting to grips with one language they decide to change the rules. That said, there are a couple of easy bits to Portugese, such as the days of the week: Sabado and Domingo (Saturday and Sunday) are the same as in Spanish, and then Monday to Friday are Segundo, Tercero, Cuarto and Quinto (effectively Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth). Obviously they must have been feeling particularly lazy when making those up!

And now on a completely different, and altogether more lighthearted, note below I have put down a little poem written by our tour leader (Mark) about the trip, seeing as it is coming to an end in a few days time. I hope you like it and note my cameo appearance.

The Overland Adventure

The big tour leader would say where to go
With the tall blond rasta, his name was Bo.

From Australia, New Zealand, Wales and Korea
On the big yellow truck without any fear.

Quito to Rio, 4 months would pass,
More often than not they would sleep on the grass.

Sun, wind and rain, you never could tell,
In the tents it was clear they would all start to smell.

Camp food was great, and portions were fair
But one man from Scotland got more than his share.

From place to place there were things to see,
All this was done with so much glee.

The scenery was great, not really a bore
And all they would do, was sit there and snore.

But the time would come around that bend
When the overland adventure would come to its end.

Sad as it sounds, it could never last,
Gone as quick as you can say: "where's my breakfast!!"

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