Thursday, February 10, 2005

aBus-ive Tactics

I'm almost done here in South America and my next major stop is Australia, which I am looking forward to greatly. However the only flights to Oz from South America leave from Santiago and so I have to make my way there for the 14th of Feb (6 days after Carnaval). And since I'm on a tight budget (and Scottish) no way was I going to pay $400 to fly there, oh no. I'm going to get there by bus, all 3000km, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and this way I also get to see more along the way. So far I've reached Resistencia, a town in northern Argentina close to the Paraguayan border in the chaco. Argentina has 4 main geographical areas: the cordillera (the mountains to the west), Patagonia (the flat, cold plains to the south), the pampas (the flat, mild plains in the middle) and the chaco (the flat, hot plains in the north). As you can see, Argentina is quite a boring country, flat and quite unchanging as far as the eye can see. Though that does make bus journeys all the more comfortable as the roads are sealed and straight, making sleeping very easy.

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