Thursday, February 03, 2005


Paraty was a little relaxing break before the hectic revelries (I hope) that will be Carnaval in Rio. Paraty itself is a pretty little town that is nestled in a tropical bay, surrounded by lush, jungle-covered, hills. The town itself has retained many of its colonial buildings, all quaintly whitewashed and surrounded by cobbled streets. The only drawback of the place is that although the bay has many beaches, the best ones all need either a bus or a boat trip to be reached, and seeing as I was in lazy mode I went to none of them. We did, however, hire a schooner one day for a trip into the bay to visit some of the islands and more remote beaches, getting suitably stuffed and drunk in the process (a bit of indulgence is required every now and then!). One thing did make me apprehensive for Rio though, and that was the fact that it rained every day, and sometimes quite heavily as well. I wonder how resilient the street parades and samba parties will be to wash-outs.

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