Sunday, July 17, 2005

Where's That Damn Jumper?

Brrr, for only the second time since leaving Perth four and half months ago I've had to dig my jumper out from the bottom of my rucksack (the first time, incidentally, was in the Cameron Highlands). Still, it also means that I've had my second hot shower in the same time period. Dalat is a nice enough hill station in the mountains of southern Vietnam, It was founded by the French and so (of course) has a miniature (maybe 30m) Eiffel Tower. Along with their utilitarian architecture, the French also brought pine trees along with them. These now cover the hillsides and give a slight Alpine feel to the place. The area is actually very popular with local tourists and is a centre for adventure activities. This being the case I decided to get off my fat arse and do some mountain biking and canyoning. I don't think the latter qualified as real canyoning, more abseiling along a river, although it was enjoyable nonetheless, the highlights being abseiling through a waterfall and going down a natural water slide. But I think that's enough exertion for me (the mountain biking especially was quite tough) so I'm heading for the beach at Nha Trang.

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