Thursday, April 07, 2005

Turtley Awesome Dude

I've started off my tour of Malaysia with a chilled day at Pulau (island) Tioman, a very popular local destination due to the lovely beaches; clear waters teeming with fish and coral; and the stunning beauty of the interior, where steep, jungle-covered hills teem with wildlife. I was there mainly for the snorkelling as my experience at Ningaloo has made me an addict (plus it's cheaper than diving!). The island is separated from the mainland by a one-hour speedboat trip which is rather bumpy (luckily I hadn't eaten a big breakfast). On the boat I met a couple of Americans who were also there for the day only and so we decided to stick together. I got on well with Greg and Casey (for those were their names) who were actually here on business promoting their start-up company that produces specialised vending machines for cinemas (and since they bought me lunch I'm repaying them with some free advertising, so if you're planning on buying a vending machine for your cinema look no further than CineVend). I definitely wasn't disappointed with Tioman as the coral reefs were just as beautiful as Ningaloo and the variety of fish just as diverse, plus I also managed to swim with a green turtle, which was a magical experience. Tioman has really whetted my appetite and I am looking forward to sampling some more snorkelling opportunities along the coast, but not for a while yet as I am heading off to the historic town of Melaka tomorrow.

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