Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Hi there. Seeing as the hostel I'm staying at in Singapore has free internet access I took the opportunity of playing around with the website and streamlining a few aspects of it. Most of the changes are purely cosmetic (like the link buttons on the left and the change in format of the archives), however there are 2 changes that should, hopefully, make the blog more interactive for you, the readers at home.

From now on it is possible to post comments on the blog without having to be a member of blogspot, and I have also added a feature that sends out each new entry as an e-mail so that you can get my posts straight away without having to regularly consult the website. So if you are interested in receiving my posts as e-mails then please send me an e-mail to my yahoo e-dress.

Hopefully this shall make things easier all round. And remember, any feedback about the site, the trip, or anything else is more than welcome.


Jamie said...

Why come to Oz when you can go to Slough? By the way 'ab*'(re: your picture of the boy with his pet) is one of the most derogatory names for an indigenous Australian that is used by all racist red-necks in this country.

Erik said...

Point taken. It wasn't meant to cause offence and was actually used because of file-name size restrictions. But I have changed the name nonetheless.