Thursday, January 02, 2014

North America In 20 Photos

Here are a collection of 20 of my favourite photos from my travels through North America that didn't make it into the blog for whatever reason. I hope you like them.

The variegated leaves of undergrowth shrubs in the cloud forest of Panama.

Family off on a cycle trip in Nicaragua. A very efficient use of limited resources.

Grumpy face from an old Mayan relief carving in Copan. He really does not look happy.

Political opinions vary across the world. In Latin America (here in Guatemala) left-wing populists such as Chavez are very popular.

Two Mayan ladies walking in the street in Antigua.

Mayan lady manning her souvenir stall and already looking very bored at 10am.
Now this is how you celebrate Independence Day! Giant communal water fights are the norm in Guatemala.

The mirror-calm surface of the Caribbean among the atolls of the Belize Barrier Reef.

The bane of every motorist in Mexico: topes!Seeing as Mexican drivers are not mindful of speed limitation signs they have to be persuaded to slow down more actively. There seems to be no law on the creation, dimensions or even signage of topes, so some may be tall whilst others flat, and some may be signed whilst others just seem to spring out of nowhere. Driving in Mexico is certainly interesting.

Houses in Veracruz state were often surrounded by large pools of water following the torrential rains they had had a couple of weeks previously.

Two urban cyclists in Cholula.

The impossibly narrow lanes of Taxco seemingly make the old centre off-limits to any car except VW Beeles.

A stolen kiss between young lovers in Taxco.

Local kids playing in the bed of a pick-up in by the abandoned mining building in Pozos.

The ridiculously fantastical stuccowork on the facades of a church in the Sierra Gorda mountains of Queretaro state, Mexico.

One of m favourite pieces of urban art because it is both very funny, but also subtly unobtrusive (Des Moines).

Inside the old post office building in Gary.

A stage inside the decrepit and decaying main church in Gary. All was falling apart, except for the green, leather chair, sitting unabashedly right in the centre.

Morning mists and reflections on Lake Otsego by Cooperstown.

Waiting for my train to come. A subway station somewhere in Brooklyn.

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