Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I like to consider myself as a scientist. More specifically a biologist. Not just because I studied it at university and have an inordinate fondness not just for beetles, but for creepy crawlies in general, but because biologists like counting. Unlike their chemist and physicist brethren who can conduct very specific and experiments to look at individual atoms and particles, the living world is for too complex for such experiments, and so biologists are forced to count things, and to put them in categories, to further their knowledge of the world. They like counting. A lot. So here, in no particular order or importance, are some figures from my trip so far.*

Days on the road


Distance travelled (according to Google maps)

c. 28,500km

Number of people couchsurfed with


Number of nights spent

with hosts


camping (or sleeping rough)


in paid accommodation


in transport


Number of people who picked me up when I was hitching (I'm quite proud that I managed to hitch in every single country I travelled through)


Number of pictures taken


Average pictures per day


Total money spent


Average spend per day


I’m particularly pleased that I have managed to stay well under budget (I don’t have a very definite budget, but I guess it’s around £17-18 a day) without compromising on the things I wanted to do and see (e.g. the tour to Chernobyl which cost about £73). It gives me some room for manoeuvre should anything extraordinary come up, and also shows that you don't need a lot of money to travel.

*Since leaving London to arriving in Tehran, but excluding the 5 days spent for Yann's wedding.


john morley said...

83.5% of statistics are made up :) .

Good to prove that anyone can travel no matter what budget they have, but you learn to save the more you travel.

As someone who likes numbers, maybe in your next post you could correlate travel experience against average daily spend :)

Keep the posts coming.

Amplecat.ro said...

That gives you more money for North Korea and Bhutan. Or Papua New Guinea. Or Kiribati. Or Turkmenistan!