Monday, September 17, 2007

Winds Of Fate

It looks like I'm not having much luck with the sea on my trip. Although I had found someone with boat willing to take me across to England from Brest when I arrived at the marina this afternoon I was greeted with some unwelcome news: the winds are northerly and are likely to stay so for the next few days. Crossing the channel with such a headwind just isn't feasible and so the owner is waiting it out to see if his luck will change. I, however, with the end in sight am not so patient and will have to bite the bullet and take the ferry across tomorrow. It's a pity as it would have been quite an adventure, but I suppose you have to be phlegmatic about these things when they don't work out.

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Inihtar said...

Wow!! So close to the end!! How are you feeling? Looking forward to being back home, to a domestic life? What are you going to do once you get back? And more importantly, are you going to continue to blog??? :)

All the very best on the very last leg of the journey!