Friday, April 07, 2006


I think I may have mentioned it before but I'll do so again. I don't like goodbyes. I'm not good at them. I don't know what to say, I feel awkward, I can't express my emotions (perhaps a good thing as no-one wants to see a blubbering wreck) and always feel empty from the loss of companionship. Whilst travelling there are many goodbyes, but also many hellos and strong friendships that are made in remarkably short spaces of time. My favourite thing, however, is meeting people again. This actually happens more often than one might think. You might be ambling through a bazaar or just waiting for a train when suddenly a familiar face appears and, if only for a short moment, you sit, you laugh, you chat and exchange stories. Then, just as quickly, your paths separate, leaving you just as you were before; but with an added spring in your step and smile on your face.

One such reunion happened here in Delhi, and, although it had been planned, was joyful nonetheless. I had travelled with Liam and Eila through a large chunk of South America together and they are just embarking on their own Asian odyssey. It brought home to me how long I've been on the road when Liam told me that it has been two lambing seasons since we parted (Liam is Welsh and therefore a sheep farmer). Hmm, although I've seen many amazing sights and wonders, some of the most powerful memories are human ones: conversations, friends, gestures, smiles and untold acts of kindness.

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