Saturday, January 09, 2010

Mauritania and Morocco Pics

Here is the continuation of my pictures, this time from Mauritania and Morocco.

Heavily overburdened pick-up (converted Peugeot 304) at the Nouakchott fish market.

The dry, desert landscape around Terjit.

Alfijo and Branko's Dyane (that's Alfijo checking out motor) with me squeezed in a small space in the back.

The iron ore train in northern Mauretania. Not the most comfortable ride I've ever had, but one of my most memorable - the front was about 30 carriages away, but the rear was over 70 away.

The flotilla of hulks in Noudhibu's bay.

Attending a wedding in Western Sahara (the groom, dressed in his finest boubou, is the balding one in the middle).

The old town of Essaouira seen from the port (pesky seagulls kept getting in the way!).

Leather slippers hanging in a shop in Essaouira's bazaar.

The Jemaa El Fna at night with all the food stalls and street performers.

And the last one: a couple of camels going for a ride.

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