Saturday, January 09, 2010

Mali Pics

As I was unable to upload any pictures from my trip whilst I was out there here are a selection of my favourites.

A fisherman casting his net on the mighty Niger close to Segou.

Mother with baby slung behind her in typical Malian fashion.

The cheapest accommodation in Mali (and it's still very expensive for what it is): a bare mattress on a roof. At least I had a lot of room to spread out!

The imposing mosque at Djenne - the world's largest mud-brick building. On Monday's the town is transformed into a crazy hive of activity by the weekly market.

Obviously this biker must have taken a wrong turn somewhere.

The landscape of the Niger Inland Delta is one of straight horizons with very little separating the water from the sky.

The legendary Sankore university in Timbuktu.

A tailor in the cloth market in Gao showing off one of his creations. Traditional clothes in that part of Africa are very bright and colourful.

Atop the Dune Rose with the Niger river on one side and the dry Sahel on the other.

Our taxi brousse to Bandiagara got a flat (not surprising seeing the condition of the car) and so we wait as the driver changes the tyre.

Beautiful tree in the early morning on the Dogon plateau.

The Bandiagara escarpment dominates the Dogon Country.

Climbing up the steep Bandiagara escarpment.


Aliou Sylla said...

great pics. Have you visited Bamako yet?

Erik said...

Yes, I visited Bamako; but, to be honest, it's not got that much going for a from a tourist's point of view (although the nightlife is pretty good).