Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Colleague Engagement

I was quite apprehensive telling people at work that I was a) quitting and b) heading off travelling for a few years. I am lucky to be genuinely fond of the people I work with and so I thought they might perceive this unexpected move as something of a betrayal. In the end it turned out that it was neither that unexpected (which, in hindsight, is not such a surprise when I only take one 4-week holiday a year and end up complaining that it's far too short a time) nor viewed at all badly. Everyone has been very supportive of my decision and in fact it turns out to have touched something of a nerve with some people who confided in me that such a trip was a dream of theirs too, but that they were too worried about the long-term consequences - career, finances, family, etc. - to go through with it. It is certainly something I can understand and was wrestling with too, but perhaps I am more reckless than most and have a lower perception of risk. Ah well, I suppose time will whether it's justified.

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